>Martin Lewis calls for warm home discount to increase Sign up for FREE now for hacks, market analysis, inspiration and more SUBSCRIBE Invalid emailWe use your sign-up to provide content in ways you’ve consented to and to improve our understanding of you. This may include adverts from us and 3rd parties based on our understanding. You can unsubscribe at any time. More infoGas energy costs have seen a huge price hike due to a high demand and a shortage in supply. Customers are supposed to be protected by a sudden rise in wholesale gap prices through an energy price cap, however, Martin Lewis, founder of the Money Saving Expert website, has claimed “it is a false name” and “there’s no absolute cap on the amount that you pay”. Related articles ‘It’s amazing!’ Mrs Hinch fans share £1 trick to remove mould Mrs Hinch fan shares how to get rid of fruit flies ‘once and for all’ READ MORE William and Kate to receive Windsor Castle apartment During an interview on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Martin Lewis condemned the price hike in gas energy bills as “catastrophic”, while highlighting that the huge rise in costs would be “unaffordable for most people”.“We’re going to need some bigger intervention in the market to stop people having the choice between heating and eating,” he said.Customers are supposed to be protected by a gas price hike, however Martin claimed the term price cap was a “false name”.“It’s actually a rate cap,” he said. “There’s no absolute cap on the amount that you pay.”READ MORE: ‘It’s so good’: Lynsey Crombie tip to get rid of washing machine smell Martin Lewis has branded the latest energy price hike as (Image: ITV’s Good Morning Britain)He explained that there was “no absolute cap” on the amount customers pay.Oil and Gas UK, a leading body which represents the UK’s offshore oil and gas industry, had reported a 250 percent rise in gas wholesale prices since January.Since August, gas wholesale prices have risen by 70 percent.Lower energy stocks due to a cold winter are among the factors which have been contributed to the price hike.DON’T MISS:Mrs Hinch fans share ‘brilliant’ tips to tackle grease from oven tray [INSIGHT]How to stop weeds growing in gravel – the three ingredient weedkiller [INFORMER]House prices in UK reach record high – ‘You need greater buying power’ [EXPLAINER] Trending The increase in costs have left some companies unable to provide energy, despite customers already having paid for the service.The gas price hike comes after an energy bill increase in October which saw costs rise by 12 percent.Reflecting on the Government’s assurances that a price cap on energy bills would remain, Martin claimed there was “no absolute cap on the amount that you pay”.He explained that £1,130 was the typical usage, but a larger consumption of energy would mean the price cap would be higher and increase to £1,277, which would be a 12 percent rise.Looking for a new home, or just fancy a look? Add your postcode below or visit InYourArea var iframe=document.getElementById(“iya-widget-30b7bdef-2029-4b71-8f4a-0c1383300fa5-propertyListings”);var pub=””;if(window.location.hostname.split(“.”)[1]){pub=window.location.hostname.split(“.”)[1]}iframe.src+=”&theme=”+pub;iframe.onload=function(){iFrameResize({log:!1},”#iya-widget-30b7bdef-2029-4b71-8f4a-0c1383300fa5-propertyListings”)} READ MORE Martin Lewis explains how you could get £140 off energy bills “It’s always the ceiling of what people would pay,” but would now be the “floor of what people will pay,” he said.He urged people to visit online price comparison sites, adding “do it quickly to try and get a fix”.He said the price cap is expected to be reviewed in April.Martin added: “We’ll already in the period where they assess what the rates will have to be in April, and it looks as if it’s going to jump next April to £1,500 or more for the price cap.” Related articles Property: Most profitable home improvements to boost property value How to add value to your home with a kitchen revamp – expert tips Top 10 most affordable towns to buy a home in the UK (Image: Express)Yesterday in the House of Commons, Business and Energy secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng, assured the country that the government “do not expect supply emergencies to occur this winter”.He said Britain had benefited from a “diverse range” of gas supply sources and added that capacity was “more than sufficient” to meet demand.Mr Kwarteng branded warnings of an energy shortage as “alarmist”.He added there was “absolutely “no question of the lights going out or people being unable to heat their homes”. Related articles Energy efficiency grants- How you can save money and improve EPC score Property: A cheap upgrade could boost value of your home by £141,000 How to add value to your property: Top tips to improve your home

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